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Write your book in 6 months

You've got an important message and want to write a non-fiction book? 


Join my 6-month step-by-step book program for guidance, support, and maximum accountability so you can focus on one thing--Writing!

I'm an academic

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I'm a coach & entrepreneur

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Writing an academic monograph is a mountain task.

Here's why academics still do it:

  • Establish your expertise in your wider discipline
  • Create a deep narrative that goes beyond articles
  • Bring together a long-term message that aligns with your articles, grant bids, and conference papers

As a former lecturer with a PhD from Cambridge, I love helping academics turn their research and insights into a monograph - without having to wait for the next sabbatical.

You have the expertise, and I’m coaching you through the 6-month process with weekly and even daily accountability so that you don't drop the ball.

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Jutta Tobias Mortlock, Senior Lecturer, City University of London

My relationship with writing has changed completely after coaching with Nicole. I thought I’d never get this paper written that I had been agonizing over for years. But I did!
When you work with Nicole, you’ll realise just how valuable it is to have coach who walks through each step of your writing journey with you, and who works out what words, mental reframes, or writing exercises help whenever you feel stuck.
The best proof that Nicole is a brilliant writing coach? After I submitted that paper, my partner said, “you actually didn’t look stressed at all this time round, although you were writing every day!”


For coaches and entrepreneurs, a book is more than a business card.


With a personal growth or business book you can:

  • Create more value for a wide readership - beyond your current clients and communities

  • Bring all your tools and expertise into a systematic framework that others can apply

  • Turn your book into income streams (online courses, sponsored podcast, video channel)

I’ve created a 6-month framework that helps coaches and entrepreneurs turn their wisdom and expert knowledge into a book, without grinding it out.

You will feel as if you’re talking to a client when you write – effortless, engaged, excited.

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Celine Righi, PhD

Nicole’s coaching was transformational. From decision-making on publishing options, through implementing a fruitful writing environment, to delivering clear arguments - I feel now on track to expand my career!
Thanks to Nicole, I have managed to go back, after a long break, to write up an article that is now nearly ready for submission; I completed and delivered a conference presentation, and was interviewed for a podcast. My confidence has been growing massively!
What previously seemed insurmountable obstacles to me, were unpacked through Nicole’s creative and grounded approach.  Nicole helped me bring back my focus and meaningfulness.