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"The Write Habit - 2023 Planner for Academics" 


For researchers who want to write faster & easier

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Imagine yourself in December 2023. You have published all your articles, conference papers - or even a monograph. And it was easy, too!

Here's how the planner helps:

✓ Review 2022 & create your 12-month writing focus

 ✓ Monthly & weekly writing pages & reflection

✓ Clarify your research agenda and the main arguments

 ✓ 6-minute outline to write any piece of content


✓ Create your habit vision and train it with 5 tools

✓ Identify self-sabotage and overcome procrastination

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"My relationship with writing has changed completely."

Jutta Tobias Mortlock, Senior Lecturer, City University of London

"I will be using Nicole's tools for years to come."

Sarah Smith, Professor of Visual Culture & Head of Research, The Glasgow School of Art

"I'm much more structured with my writing and professional life now."

Marie Huber, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, University of Marburg